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Membership Process

Becoming A Member
1. Applicant should be informed and knowledgeable about our club, facilities and activities.
2. Applicant MUST BE at least 18 years old.
3. Applicant will come to club for review. Applicant can attend a club sponsored shooting event. ***This is also a good time to introduce members and ask three (3) members to sign the application and recommend the applicant for membership.***
4. Be sure to answer all questions and fill in all the spaces on the application.
5. Applicant must understand and be knowledgeable of work hours, stock ownership and dues. 6. Be sure to sign the application.
7. Applicant must attend an Executive Board meeting for an interview and approval. This is a requirement before his/her application is voted on at a regular club meeting.
8. Applicant's approval and membership is voted on at a regular meeting.

Initiation Fee:        $40.00
             Dues:        $70.00
                Tax:        $8.25
             Stock:       $200.00
           TOTAL:       $318.25

New Member is required to perform 20 (twenty) work hours per year, for the first two years. Any hours not worked are charged $10.00 per hour and a $100.00 penalty is assessed for not fulfilling the work hour requirement. This is required for the first two years of membership. All subsequent years, Member is required to work 20 (twenty) hours per year and charged $10.00 per hour for any work hours not worked. PAYMENT: $318.25 -- Due in full at the time of membership approval
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