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YRPC Trap Program

Open to Members & Public: Tuesday evenings: Sign-Up 5:00pm, Event 5:30pm until 8:00pm
YRPC hosted a Phil Kiner Trapshooting Clinic on May 6 & 7, 2023.  Clinics are limited to 10 shooters to ensure personal attention. Contact Scott Weamer if you are interested in participating in a future YRPC hosted clinic with Mr. Kiner. 


A new shotgun pattern board has been constructed and is now ready for members use.  It is located in the field near the pond, between the pine and pin oak trees.  There is a post at the edge of the parking lot identifying the proper firing position.

It is imperative to maintain the proper angle by utilizing the firing position post.  This provides the mound of Finger #5 as a backstop.  The post also marks a distance of 27 yards - standard for patterning for the clay target sports.

When shooting at the pattern board, the same procedures for shooting from the 200 yard line should be followed: 

  1. Sign In to the log in the mailbox

  2. Place cones/signs across the drive indicating that the 200 yard range is in use

ONLY TARGET SHOTGUN LOADS SHOULD BE FIRED AT THE TARGET BOARD.  Shot sizes of 7.5 or smaller only (8, 8.5, 9 permitted).  NO SLUGS.  This requirement is to prevent damage to the pattern board structure.

There is a roll of heavy bond paper in the PVC hood.  Simply pull the paper down and staple to the bottom cross member.  Members must bring their own stapler and a way of marking their POA (Point Of Aim).

For more information, contact: Scott Weamer at (330) 770-0710

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