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High Power - Service Rifles

Match schedule is listed on the YRPC Calendar.  Gates open at 9am.  Shoots start at 10am.

We shoot  three matches - a service rifle, a match rifle, and a Garand-only match.  Ball ammunition will be supplied for the Garand-only match.  Carbine .30 cal is also available.

You will shoot a 50 round National Match Course.  The course will be fired at 200 yards with reduced targets used for the 300 and 600 yard stages.  NRA Rules 4.2 though 4.6 will be used.

A spotting scope or binoculars, a shooting mat to lay on are recommended.  Hearing and eye protection are highly recommended.

Any of these matches will satisfy the shooting requirement towards the purchase of a government surplus M-1 rifle from CMP.  Purchase forms are available.

A small number of club M-1s and Carbines are available for use.  We request that you let us know in advance if you require one.

Proceeds from the June D-Day Match and the December Pearl Harbor Match along with additional donations from the club are donated to the local Veterans Clinics.

 $7000 have been donated to the local Veterans Clinic since 2020.

Safety Standards

For more information, contact:

Mike Policy(330) 534-5697

2023 High Power Match Schedule

High Power Rifle Seminar

M-1 & AR-15 Rifles

This link is applicable to the October 2022, April & October 2023 Seminars.

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